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Are you looking for rug cleaning professionals in Sydney? Well, look no further. We have a professional team of rug cleaners working in Sydney right now that can help.


We guarantee to do your job right first time and we guarantee to complete the work with care, passion and most importantly, the highest level of attention to detail. PLUS we get there on time. We totally understand how annoying it is waiting for people to turn up on time.

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Rugs, much like carpets can gather dust and dirt which can be a hotbed for mould, mites and mildew that can affect the health of you and your family. Best House Cleaning Sydney offers a professional rug cleaning service that will return your rugs to their clean, dirt-free selves!

Rug Cleaning Services in SydneyThe dirt that collects in your rugs can be released into the air which can cause problems for asthmatics or people with certain allergies. Keeping your rugs clean is an essential part of reducing these risks and keeping your house clean.

The longer you leave dirt in your rugs, the more damage it will do to both your rugs and your health! This damage will cause the rugs to wear more quickly and lose their appearance. Rugs act as sponges for dirt, pollen, fungus, and other airborne particles and once the rug is full of these they will have nowhere to go and will continue to float in the air.

This is the same air that you will be breathing which means that a dirty carpet can lead to dirty air! It is better to act sooner rather than later to ensure that these effects are minimised on your rugs so that you won’t have to buy new rugs. We will get the job done quickly and effectively so that you can get your house back to its best as soon as possible.

Fixed Price Cleaning

fixed price cleaning Sydney You will not be worried of any price increases or hidden fees as we offer you our house cleaning services, even if we need to redo it! We guarantee quality service at a reasonable price.

Police Cleared

police cleared cleaners in Sydney Our team of house cleaners are regularly being background-checked by the police. It’s our way of ensuring safety and security as we do our job inside your home and business.

100% Bond Back

bond back cleaning Sydney Our expertise in house cleaning assures you that you will absolutely get your bond back. We’ll come back as long as it is needed at no additional cost – or your money back.

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Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Sydney rug cleaning servicesWhatever material your rug is made of we know exactly how to clean it, we will take on any job no matter the material or size of your rug. Once we are done with your rugs you will hardly be able to believe that they are the same rugs as before. They’ll be so clean that you might even think that they are completely new rugs!

Our team of professional cleaners are trained to use the latest equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure that we can provide the best possible clean available. Along with our high quality cleaning, we pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful customer service. We have over 15 years experience in the cleaning industry so you can be assured of our standards and quality. We don’t accept words like “good” and “ok”, we will only be happy when we leave exceptional results behind.

Sydney rug cleaning servicesOur results speak for themselves. We have loads of customer testimonials on our site so that you can see exactly what past customers think of our service and the quality we provide. The majority of our business is repeat or referral!

If your rugs are filled with dirt and in need of a deep, thorough clean then give us a call. We are available at all times to come and clean your rugs so that they can look brand new and improve the quality of the air in your home. Give us a call now on 02 9133 4726 for a free quote or to book an appointment for us to come around at a time that suits you. We also have other services you may want to avail such as upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning and a lot more. 

Call Our Hotline: (02) 9133 4726

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